Jiu Jiang Japanese Restaurant

Jiu Jiang Japanese Restaurant is a welcome addition to Kerrisdale village. The new business is located on Balsam Street, tucked around the corner from West 41st Avenue. The restaurant opened in December 2016 and has been steadily gaining loyal customers who return to the restaurant for the fresh, made to order food and stellar customer service.

Jiu Jiang Japanese sushi 1 Kerrisdale InsiderJeff and Yvonne Chang own the family operated business; Jeff is the sushi chef and Yvonne cooks in the kitchen. Their daughters Riva and Vivian work as servers and their son Sam is being taught the craft of sushi making by Jeff.

The Changs are originally from Taiwan and immigrated to Canada in 2001. In Taiwan the family owned a market; when Jeff entered the workforce in Vancouver he began as a dishwasher at the well-respected Kamei Royale restaurant in Coal Harbour. Over his 15 years of employment at the Japanese restaurant he worked his way up to sushi chef.

Vivian and Riva Chang Jiu Jiang Japanese Kerrisdale InsiderYvonne also comes from a restaurant background. Although her background was primarily Taiwanese cuisine, Vivian mentions, “She also dabbled in Japanese cuisine before opening Jiu Jiang.” They pooled their culinary talents to open their own business. “Jiu Jiang is their brainchild,” says Riva with a smile.

Working together as a family is proving to be a great success.

Assisting their parents has always been important. Vivian says, “As kids we always helped out with the family business – it was like playing house.” Riva adds, “We know how to communicate with each other.” This is especially important in a relatively small space – the restaurant has a capacity of 38 seats. The sisters have a strong connection; they complete each other’s sentence and this partnership is also evident with their brother and parents.

Jiu Jiang Japanese sushi 2 Kerrisdale InsiderBoth Riva and Vivian left their full time careers to assist their parents. Riva worked for a number of years in the fashion industry as an administrator with Oak + Fort. Vivian worked in the fitness business and also as a barista for many years; she dreams of one day owning her own coffee shop.

The family works long hours. The restaurant opens at 11 a.m. and closes at 9:00 p.m. daily. In addition there is the behind the scenes prep and clean up work to manage.

“Running your own business requires dedication working 24/7.” Riva Chang

Jiu Jiang is known for its marriage of Japanese food with a hint of Taiwanese hometown flavour. They put an emphasis on utilizing fresh local ingredients. Riva says, “Vancouver is such a great city for seafood” and the menu reflects this bounty from the sea.

Jiu Jiang Japanese chef Kerrisdale InsiderDue to the availability of ingredients not all menu items are listed. Deluxe Oshi is one of Vivian’s favourite seasonal dishes. This pressed sushi consists of two layers of rice and two layers of fish – the top layer is partially grilled. What makes Deluxe Oshi so special? It contains seven types of fish, which vary depending on what is in season, but generally contains salmon, tuna, toro, sockeye salmon, saba, hamachi and sea bream.

If you are open for a culinary adventure inquire about Omakase where the chef selects your dishes. This special option requires advance notice of 48 hours for groups.

Jiu Jiang Japanese seating Kerrisdale InsiderA large part of Jiu Jiang’s clientele is Taiwanese and Japanese. Riva smiles and says, “This is an honour to us. We must be doing something right.”

“We care about everything we make and present to our customers.” Vivian Chang

The goal is to offer diners the freshest food possible; all meals are made to order. Riva says, “We give our best always. We are in the business not only of food but also people.”

The menu is brimming with a large selection of food options and the dishes are artfully presented. There is something for everyone at Jiu Jiang, whether you like cooked or raw food. Choose from appetizers, soups, salads, tempura, fried rice and Donburi. In addition, a full slate of raw and cooked sushi dishes round out the menu.

Jiu Jiang Japanese Balsam Kerrisdale InsiderBoth Riva and Vivian have tasted everything and enjoy assisting patrons with their orders. Riva mentions that two of her favourite speciality rolls are the Power of Love (unagi, cucumber, tobiko topped with chopped scallop, wasabi and unagi sauce) and the Rock ‘n’ Roll (prawn tempura, avocado, cucumber topped with tuna, salmon, green onion, spicy and unagi sauce). One of Vivian’s favourite dishes is Uni Ikura Don (sushi rice don with sea urchin and salmon roe served with miso soup and green salad).

The Changs are enjoying being a part of the Kerrisdale business community. They like the quaint boutiques and mention that the district reminds them of Victoria. They also appreciate the friendly atmosphere where people greet each other on the street. Although they are new to the area it is apparent they are eager to get involved in community events. During Kerrisdale Carnival Days they sponsored balloons for children and are looking forward to future Kerrisdale Business Association events.

Make a point of having a meal at Jiu Jiang. You will discover why so many customers return time after time; it may have been a hidden gem but not anymore now that the secret is out!

Jiu Jiang Japanese Restaurant
5707 Balsam Street
Vancouver, BC V6M 4B8
Telephone 778-379-8858

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